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Catch Annie Gaybis In: It's Casual

Annie Gaybis chats with "It's Casual" hosts, Rory and Renee, about her fascinating career in show business. This is the true Hollywood story of a prolific actress with a meteoric stage career. You don't want to miss it!.

Annie Gaybis: A Florida Actress in the Time of Covid

Annie in the News: An Excerpt from the Daytona Examiner

After the recent upheaval at the Oscars and the ongoing struggles of Hollywood productions companies to turn out our favorite movies during the pandemic, it's easy to forget that actors have lives just like the rest of us. For Palm Coast native and Hollywood alum, Annie Gaybis, the glitz and glamor of life on stage and screen is balanced with the realities of life in the time of COVID, though.

And the actress has made it her mission to stay on top of her career in art throughout all of it. From discovering the wonders of dancing on YouTube to slowly getting back on stage as restrictions ease up, Annie Gaybis has run the COVID gamut and come out the other side with some stories to tell.

For Annie, it starts with being considerate of the people around you.

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Midyear: A Time For Reflection

Annie Gaybis is taking a little time for herself.

A novel idea, eh?

I am officially working on putting a new song and dance together for my youtube channel, as I channel composer extraordinaire Sara Barielles.

I'll be revving up my Fosse stylizing with a four-week technique class, and getting ready for a one-week ballet boot camp. Five full days of protein bars and lots of H2O in my YETI.

...Perusing some plays.

....Taking some meetings.

......Reading some fantastic bios...John Byner and Jennifer Grey.

I'll be watching some top flicks and making my garden come alive.

Ahhhhhhhh! Summer is here! Nice!

A Little Fun!

Annie Dances "Foux Du Fafa"!

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I hope we all stay safe. I hope for the best. Its a strange and difficult time in all our lives.

This too shall pass. Stay Strong.

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