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A Tale of Stage and Screen

I was thrilled to finally see the film I co-star in, DOA, come to life. It's currently making the festival circuit and I have gotten and seen, first-hand, how different audiiences react to it.

And I have to say...please visit my latest What's New Page and I will tell you e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g!

Annie Gaybis Performs: She Used to Be Mine

Watch Annie Gaybis bring the soulful beauty of "She Used to Be Mine" to life in an outstanding dance and vocal performance. Songwriter, Cecily Morgan, said: "Music is life. That's why our hearts have beats." If this is true, musical performances like Annie's dance / singing showcase here showcase life in all its musical glory.

Die Fledermaus

Currently, I am starting rehearsals for the comedic opera, Die Fledermaus for First Coast Opera. It's an Opera performed on New Years because it's about a New Years Party gone wild.

I am playing a role that was written for a male named Ivan but, hey, it's been adapted to a female character named, by the director, Ivana. From what I understand from Nelson Sheeley, our director this is going to be a wild ride full of dance and wanton behavior, and I am definetely ready for it. In fact, when I spoke with him on the phone, he asked if I would be alright with it. It seems I am a muse to Prince Orlofsky. I said "Fine" and, guess what: Prince Orlofsky is always portrayed by a woman - in this case, Opera Singer Sarah Nordin.

Who knew? But I'm game!

Well! I unfasten my seatbelt and hope to fly all over that stage.

Oh, and there is a comedic role that they usually have a comic actor portray. It's a very pivitol part. Sid Caesar did it at THE MET, as did Dom Deluise, and Jack Gilford. Well, my husband and I don't say this modestly, but the talented actor/comedian JOHN BYNER will portray this role.

It's considered almost an honor to be asked to do this. What a way to go into 2023!!!

The Official Release Trailer for D.O.A., with Annie Gaybis

Please check out the following trailer from my film, "D.O.A"!

Frank Bigelow is a Florida private detective hired to follow the ne'er-do-well husband of a St. Augustine socialite. It's a routine assignment until he discovers that he's been secretly poisoned and has only days to live. With the clock ticking, Bigelow descends into a world of crooks and double-crossers, including a tonsorially-inclined mobster and a fiery nightclub singer who can't sing, slashing his way through a tangle of conspiracies as he tries to figure out who "killed" him and why. Can he solve the mystery and exact his revenge before his time runs out? Houndstooth Films presents D.O.A. Directed by Kurt St. Thomas Written by Nicholas Griffin Story by Kurt St. Thomas & Nicholas Griffin Based on the story by Russell Rouse & Clarence Greene. The script for D.O.A. was written by Nicholas Griffin (Matchstick Men, FX’s Terriers). While the story shares a title and premise with the original 1950 movie starring Edmond O’Brien, most of the plot elements are original. Produced by Kurt St. Thomas, Emma Keating & Nicholas Griffin. Director of Photography: Peter Berglund Original Music: Jaimee Jimin Park Edited by Kurt St. Thomas, Emma Keating & Keaton Bicknell Production Design by Bonnie Druckenmiller Casting Director: Lorraine Berglund. Starring John Doe (Frank Bigelow) Paola Duque (Rita) Matt Pinfield (Det. Parker) Lucinda Jenney (Grace) Anne Gaybis (Mrs. Phillips) Pam Rickard (Kitty) and John Byner (Arthur Majak). B&W. Running time: approx. 83 minutes. 2022.

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I hope we all stay safe. I hope for the best. Its a strange and difficult time in all our lives.

This too shall pass. Stay Strong.

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