Now, I don't know when or how it will be released - all I know is that I have had just the best time attending festivals and seeing people react to my new film, DOA.

DOA is a remake of a cult 1950 film starring a legendary actor Edmond O'Brian...has had quite the following so, to make a remake which I have read on IMDB has been tried and failed a couple of times before, is a challenge.

DOA: 2022, starring and yes, this is his actual name boys and girls, John Doe, in the Edmund O'Brian role. The entire film was done film noir extreme so, yes, that means black and white just like the great old detective movies of the '40s and early '50s.

From left to right: Lucinda Jenney, John Doe, Paola Duque, Kurt St Thomas (director), John Byner, Anne Gaybis

Painstakingly edited by our director, Kurt St Thomas. I told him this is his Citizen Kane, and for good reason: it took him three years to edit this film.

Orson would have been proud.

I did not know much about festivals before this, because I have never been in a film that went that route and I found that some festivals give out awards and some are just festivals. For example: Las Vegas. This film won bigtime. They even had an award for "best trailer" and it won that as well. Another example? The Ft Lauderdale Film Festival had a huge premiere event before their closing two week run and then a q-and-a with the leads and director, and a terrific party under a very large tent.

None of the cast (minus John Doe) had seen the film. So imagine, there you are with strangers all around you to your left to your right. Packed screenings of hundreds who, by this time, had been to many films in these respective festivals. By the time our film got shown, I was amazed by how absorbed they were in watching it and what a rousing reception the film received from each audience. And I gotta level with you...I, myself, if I had not been in it, I was just as absorbed though clutching onto my husbands arm every time one of my scenes came up.

I can't tell you how relieved I was ....a good film....great fit so gawd Edmond O"Brian would have been proud.

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