Yee-hah!! Haven�t danced like this since "Best Little Whorehouse In Texas." FYI: When I was placed into that film and flown with three other dancers to Austin as replacements for four dancers who had gotten steamed when the director, the wonderful Colin Higgins wanted a little nudity in the film.....that was not what they signed up for and they were having no part of it. On the other hand, the four of us were thrilled to join the cast and Colin Higgins bent over backwards to make us feel welcome and the choreographer Tony Stephens rehearsed us into the night for several nights after we got there to get us up to speed. I had worked on it for a couple of weeks but none of my scenes or rehearsals had Dolly as in Parton in them.

Finally, I was on the set, now back in Burbank and I was going to be in my first scene with her. She walks right up to me on a set that was "the house" so to speak and having never set my eyes on her in person before, she on the other hand had seen my work in the dallies and said in front of one and all only the way that someone like Dolly could "Oh, your the girl with the pretty titties." Well, it was like time stood still.... I couldn't move....a-n-y-w-a-y that little statement said as sweet as pie was picked up by a columnist so it went down as "a moment" in "my" celluloid history.

The Dancers: Dani Grilikhes, Moi and Gia Bay

Well, in "Denim And Diamonds" we were completely covered from head to toe and dressed by Joanna Carson...yes, that Joanna Carson...who has such an excellent eye and we got to dance in cowboy boots after another "shoe" instead of "show" dilemma between choreographer and costume designer. Sigh!!

In a million years I never thought my big number would be "Thank G-d, I'm A Country Girl." None of the fourteen female dancers could relate to any of the words, "I wouldn't trade my life for diamonds and pearls- I'd rather have my fiddle and my farming tools." What the ???... Let me repeat....what girl dancin' in the big city wouldn't want diamonds and pearls rather than a hoe and a John Deere...PUL-EEZE!!...After hearing that song sung for decades I realized I never really knew what the whole thing was about. But now I sure do.

The show was fabulous. The set was gorgeous�. I loved dancing in the ensemble while my favorite comedian in the whole world, John Byner was co-headlining with The Temptations. Some people told me it was one of the best shows they had ever seen. George Christy wrote "John Byner had the audience in the palm of his hand."

With My Fave Comedian, John Byner

It was like an old time musical...dancing in the chorus...while my husband Busby Berkley ...what can I tell you, the audiences were delighted.
Our producer, Gary Smith was delighted. Our orchestra leader/arranger Nelson Kole was delighted. Our choreographer Walter and Charlene Painter were delighted.

I was beyond delighted to be dancing the night away for The Hollywood Glittery at The Bev Hilton done up like a fancy supper club and as Jolson would say, I think it was Jolson.... "Is everybody happy?" Oh yes! Everybody is happy:

Some folks drivin' in a black limousine
A lot of sad people thinkin� that is mighty keen
Folks let me tell you now exactly what I mean
Thank G-d, I'm A Country Bev Hills!!



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