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Had a personal and professional triumph portraying Melissa in Love Letters ....such a wonderful complex character with a rainbow of emotions....Got to travel down to The Daytona Playhouse in Daytona Beach Florida and work with a caring director Bob Weaver and a wonderful co-star Robert O. Dimsey.

It was a limited run and I knew we were on the right track when I heard that audience members came back to see it a second time.

Love Letters written by A.R. Gurney is done with just two actors, who sit in close proximity of each other but never look at one another for the entire two acts. Their relationship unveils thru their lifetime of correspondence. I got to see this in Los Angeles with two different sets of casting and it was like watching two different plays.

Can you imagine who I saw portray this at the Canon Theatre in Beverly Hills.... How about this for casting...Charlton Heston and Gwen Verdon....and then Sandra Dee (who was so beautiful and performed so well) with John Saxon, her co-star from the early days. Two amazing pairings...two sets of completely different characterizations...and while sitting there so long ago in that darkened theatre on Canon Drive I never thought in a million years I would have a chance to do this wonderful role.

Plaque stating the Daytona Beach Little Theatre was erected in 1955.


With My Talented Co-star

I had first heard about Daytona Playhouse from Deanna Lund who had performed there many times. It's an older theater and this was their big fundraiser.

I'll share a touching moment that stood out each and every night from dress rehearsal to closing: thirty minutes before curtain their would be a knock on my dressing room door and this dear lady who operates the lights and sound board for this theatre and has for many many years would open the door ever so slightly while I was making myself up... and say to me "Have a good show--and go and tear their hearts out like you did last night!"


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