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"Unfinished Business" by Tim Baker

Or: Adventures in Pilot Land

I will be doing a pilot based on the book "Unfinished Business" by Tim Baker.

What a read!!!

It's all about the supernatural and, according to our director Alan J Levi who has directed numerous series that you know and love, he says (and I quote): "I never read anythng more perfectly suited for a series."

I will be portraying one of the leading's a supernatural story based on the premise that, when one dies, you have Unfinished Business that you didn"t get to do. My character takes on that role and finishes "their unfinished business". For those that have read the novel, I play Lita Deville, a dark haired exotic (which I will be transformed into by coproducer and makeup maven, Stephanie Mazzeo and wardrobe headed by Jayne Baker). My character owns a mortuary and lives there as well.

Heavy huh?

Starring in this will be Sondra Currie, John Byner and Margot Demeter.

Not for the faint of heart and I can't wait to get started.

Whoever thought that I could be ... Dancing "Ladies Who Lunch" from Company choreographed by Bill Brown...very definitive any of Sondheim's words hit a home run with you??? Sorry!!

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I hope we all stay safe. I hope for the best. Its a strange and difficult time in all our lives.

This too shall pass. Stay Strong.

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