"Unfinished Business" by Tim Baker

Or: Adventures in Pilot Land

I just did a pilot based on the book "Unfinished Business" by Tim Baker.

Check out our sizzle reel, below.

I got to play one of the leading roles.....Lita Deville, described in the book as dark haired exotic (which, if you go to my "whats new" page, is a transformation you will see). It almost, in a way, reminded me of dancing or acting in an opera where you are transported to another time and place with wardrobe, hair, and make up.

Unfinished Business is so mystical with its supernatural stories all tied together. I have been in horror. I have been in mysteries. I have been in crime and I have been in other mystical based films, but I can honestly say I have never been in anything like Unfinished Business. Very intriguing. If this becomes a series on a Netflix or a Hulu type outlet...you will want to binge watch the entire series. With a pint of Ben & Jerry's, maybe?

Starring in this are Sondra Currie, John Byner and Margot Demeter.

I hope this piques your interest. To read my whole story, click here.



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