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Billie Dawn in
“Born Yesterday”

Just had the best time doing the most wonderful character: The lovable but not too bright Billie Dawn in "Born Yesterday," a play that was
written by Garson Kanin in the late 1940's about the politics in the late 1940"s early fifties but honest to g-d this could have been written three
months ago--all the corruption, lobbying, favors being sought--sound familiar???????

It’s funny but every time I mentioned to someone in the business that I was going to do this...or getting ready to open in it...they would ALL say the same thing, "Your perfect for that role."(????)


And what is that role you may ask? Well... Billie Dawn a happy go-lucky former chorine that
left the chorus to take up with a maverick wheeler-dealer who has her sign papers for business purposes that are quite kosher.... She, like he, is street - smart and he hires a newspaperman to educate her.

As one reviewer titled his article: "A Bimbo Saves The Palm Coast Arts Foundation".... the wheeler-dealer Brock wants her educated so she doesn’t embarrass him in Washington D. C, all the while, as Billie tells him, “You could use a little education yourself!".... It’s almost like a Gracie Allen meets Judy Holiday role, and I created my role as a homage to Judy Holiday who did it on Broadway and then got to recreate her role on film. A lot of people don’t get to recreate the role they made famous, like Carol Channing in "Hello Dolly" or Mary Martin in "Sound Of Music"--trust me--the list is endless. I have always been a big Judy Holiday fan... no one can do it better, so I listened intently to her inflections and timing and had such a great time doing it.

Robert Dimsey, Terence Van Auken and Moi

Playing the Brodrick Crawford role was my own Brodrick Crawford Robert Dimsey, who signed on to recreate his role. We did it in another city...another town.... just look at these pixs--he looks like Brodrick Crawford and delivers his lines with such believability. He is a wonderful actor to play off of and I was so happy he wanted to re-do his role because he loved it as much as I loved doing mine.... And the audience, they loved it.

I gave my first ever curtain speech after being handed a gi-normous cavalcade of flowers. I had no idea what I said but I was so overwhelmed by the audience and even more so being handed those flowers.

The show at The Lohman Auditorium in Marineland which was celebrating 75 years that night for um...being Marineland ...(dolphins swam close-by) was to "Raise The Roof" for this unique amphitheater they are going to build in the city of Palm Coast. The Mayor and all the officials are behind this.

 I hope to return when they break ground in 2016. I never did the gold shovel and hard-hat before.... I was so happy to be part of this great cause for this community that will see concerts to graduations in this beautiful space and the play. What a wonderful chance to do such an iconic piece of work…. In the words of Peter Allen, "Everything Old Is New Again!"

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