(or How I Spent My Summer!)
by Annie Gaybis

You know, there are theatre roles that one only dreams about performing. I have always longed to portray Catherine in Suddenly Last Summer. I believe this is one of the strongest female characters in all the plays written by Tennessee Williams.

Perhaps you thought the TV series �Dallas� which began with the man everybody loved to hate--JR. You thought they had family dysfunction? Or how about those �Kardashiens� with their semi-reality set ups led by their very own Mama Rose �Kris Jenner?� Or �Scandal,� �The Good Wife?� Trust me, they are a walk in the park compared to what goes on in this play....


Practice Makes Perfect....

It was quite a journey finding this character and after performing it every night. I felt like both my brain and body had been thru an emotional nightmare--and not the one on Elm Street. If you have seen the movie with Liz Taylor and Katherine Hepburn, it was toned way down to get past the movie censors. The play is quite frank and open and sensual and was performed to raise funds for the construction of a Performing Arts Centre. Wouldn't Tennessee have liked that?

Our Director, John Sbordone

Directed by John Sbordone, who with his encouragement let me find my own way to this portrayal.... The St Augustine Record wrote: �Sbordone has recruited an all-star cast of professionals, headed by two of the region's most accomplished actresses: Annie Gaybis as the terrified, nearly insane Catherine Holly, and Anne Kraft as Mrs. Venable, Catherine�s wealthy New Orleans aunt. Gaybis brings incredible pathos to the role. Danielle Anderson of The News-Tribune wrote: �The performance of the Tennessee Williams' play left audience members on the edge of their seats as actress Annie Gaybis exploded with the worldly experience of her character.�

The Observer, a Flagler County Newspaper wrote, �The story behind Suddenly Last Summer is one that may make the audience squirm in their seats but with leads being played by career actresses Annie Gaybis and Anne Kraft the audience will have a hard time looking away. Our director told the Daytona News-Journal, �Annie Gaybis is the consummate actress. When she chose Tennessee Williams' wonderfully enigmatic Suddenly Last Summer I quickly agreed to the project.

A Great Cast: (In Front) Bruce Scott, Peter Gutierrez, Annie Gaybis, Anne Kraft, Bobbi Fouts (In Rear) Phillipa Rose,  Leanna Gardella

We were a cast of seven and all of us got quite enamored with this playwright and his words.� I can only compare this emotional rollercoaster ride to doing Maggie in Arthur Miller�s After The Fall.... I loved becoming Catherine Holly and learning all the nuances and hidden meanings associated with this part. As Catherine says �We're all children living in a vast playground trying to spell G-d's name with the wrong alphabet blocks.�

Rest in peace Mr. Williams, your story was brought to life with class and dignity�. Thank you for allowing us to come on this journey....




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