You know with all the talk of the recession and monies being cut from the arts and everything was a real joy to be asked to see a new theatre open and to be part of its initial season.
The City Repertory Theatre in Palm Coast Florida to be exact....and ooh!! I got to play the role that Marilyn Monroe made legendary ....I got to play Cheri in William Inge's American Classic "Bus Stop."

What an honor and a thrill!!!!!

The play and the movie are like two different the play no one leaves the "bus stop" and everyone's story is was great to have the chance of putting my own stamp on this legendary character created by William was a chance to explore this girl from the Ozarks, and as I am writing this i am actually in the Ozarks....Branson Missouri to be about your theatre vs reality....

And just like in the movie I got to sing "Old Black Magic." This is "Cheri�s " favorite number and she thinks she is singing it as well as any of the musical performers she has seen on the big she sings it from her heart but her talent doesn�t match her desire. To me its the most brazen moment of the whole show because you are center stage singing your heart out but making sure it does not sound too good...I choreographed the moves and believe me I made it look like it was coming directly out of Cheri�s head and how fabulous "she" thought it looked...wearing the ripped fishnet and the little costume that she carried in her suitcase.... Oh, it's a moment.... the first time I did it the cast was there and no one laughed about halfway thru the number they began to giggle and I realized I was on the right track.....phew!

Playing Bo was Jonathan Haglund. We had an excellent onstage chemistry and the audience gave us standing ovations during the run.... in fact in a note I recently got from the artistic director John Sbordone, "Bus Stop" was the only sell-out for the entire season.

Well, in live theatre their is almost always "a fly in the ointment," in our case a cast member's wife left him just one week before opening and we all helped him survive because "the show MUST go on."...or as Charlie Brown would have said..."Good grief!"

Theatre reviewer, Bob Feldheim wrote "Annie Gaybis stars as Cheri. Ancient City theatergoers were recently treated to her stage craftsmanship as Maggie in last year�s 'Cat On A Hot Tin Roof.' Here, no surprise, she blows the roof off the place with a dynamite performance that culminates in her all-stops-out rendition of 'That Old Black Magic."'

Can a girl get much happier reading this????? Yes, I was Cheri in polka dots and red lipstick in both mind and spirit and I sure am glad that it came across...Yee-Hah!!



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