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Ah yes!! The legendary NUTCRACKER comes to life all over the world and I had my chance to perform it right here in the good ol' USA with FIRST COAST BALLET and THE JACKSONVILLE SYMPHONY....

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Practice Makes Perfect

And More Practice

Dancing For Choreographer Rhonda Stampalla

What a treat!... I wanted to share some of the rehearsal experience as well as g.inished product because so much time, effort and concentration goes into this. Our choreographer RHONDA STAMPALIA staging is amazing.

I was proud to be a guest artist alongside KLARA HOUDET of BALLET EDDIE TOUSSAINT DE MONTREAL...OGULCAN BOROVA with THE CINCINATTI BALLET, as well as...RYAN CARLSON from BAD BOYS OF DANCE...and BRIAN PALMER from SUZANNE FARRELL BALLET. Dancing with THE JACKSONVILLE SYMPHONY at our feet conducted by MICHAEL BUTTERMAN who could ask for more!!

I play THE DANCING MAID....who is shocked at all the finery she sees coming into the party and feels like CINDERELLA without the magic wand transforming her.

"I can fly...I can fly...." Oops! Wrong Production.


Everyone Likes the Maid!

Dancing with Grandfather (Henry Rogers)

So she decides...she will be a part of this party anyway and dances solo until the grandfather danced by HENRY ROGERS spots her, gets enamored and after removing herself from his presence as much as she can ...somehow ends up performing "The Grandfathers Dance." He is so overcome he gives her a big kiss on the cheek and all hell breaks loose!

In a World of Her Own.


Now I have heard there are versions of the maids role where she is intoxicated, proper, comical and sometimes non-existent, but my maid conceived by both the choreographer and me has truly taken on a life of its own.... From being spotted in one of the boxes during the overture, dusting and dancing around the chairs, being scared to death while assisting DROSSELMEIR (played to perfection by BRIAN PALMER), to mimicking the fine ladies at the party.

The Ensemble

Think "ELIZA DOOLITTLE wanting to be the FAIR LADY" and that's what it came down too. The audience loved the part...and I loved the audience!  


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